Immigration to Canada with Aamir Malik

Article By: Shirley Sio

Immigration to Canada with Aamir Malik

I am half-Indian and half-Pakistani. Where most of my cousins immigrated to Canada via a Post-Graduate Work Permit after graduating from a Canadian school and applying through Express Entry’s Canadian Experience Program, I chose to come as a Federal Skilled Worker, since I already had work experience in my home country. My application was successful, and I have been a permanent resident for two years already.  As a South Asian immigrant-turned-Canadian-permanent resident, I was invited by to express my thoughts and feelings about understanding the cultural differences between the two places I’ve called “HOME”.



Comparing the water quality in India and Canada, the latter has a constant supply of clean and fresh water. Canadians may take for granted that their water is not scarce, not expensive, and it is CLEAN, unlike much of the water supply in India. In most places in Canada, you can drink or bathe with water that comes straight from the tap, where in India, such clean water is found bottled and must be bought.

Safety Issues

Anywhere can be dangerous in the right (or rather, “wrong”) circumstances. But Canadians think of home as the safest place in the world. Now that I have a beautiful baby girl, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. Violent crimes in India, such as murder rate and rape, greatly outnumber those in Canada.


Open Space & Landscape

I have travelled to many cities around the world. I’ve found that the streets, houses, and apartments in Canada are cleaner and wider compared to many of the places I visited. Canada is naturally surrounded by oceans, lakes, and a variety of trees. The cities incorporate many green areas, with parks adding a dynamic sense of landscape diversity and a part of true nature to the city.  If you love to be surrounded by tall concrete buildings, busy streets, and crowded populations, you would not be able to see this everywhere in Canada.


Healthcare System

All Canadian residents have access to hospitals and physician services without paying out of their own pocket when there is a need. These medical services are mostly non-profit and provincially-run. When a Canadian resident needs specialized services, the medical care system will coordinate with the patients’ health care services to receive high quality care from diagnosis to recovery. In India, not all citizens have access to healthcare because there is a great discrepancy in the quality and coverage of medical treatment, determined by your financial status.

Now that I and my family are reunited with my cousins, we can all enjoy our new lives in Canada. Thousands of people from India immigrate to Canada for a better career, better life, government benefits, and better facilities and more options. I am Aamir Malik, a successful Indo-Canadian in Vancouver.




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