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Yesterday the province of PEI invited 171 candidates for immigration.

I know, I know, we have stressed a lot here that if you want to come to Canada, you should look at the provincial programs.
We highlight the option because if you analyze the Express Entry data, around 60% of the invitations belong to those hold a PNP. With the high score on EE, we can see more candidates at the pool and also better candidates as well.
One possibility to overcome the high EE score is having a PNP nomination and an extra 600 points.
Provinces are eager to have good candidates who can diversify and expand the province's economy and society.

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New Draw for EE on November 13.

The Government of Canada has invited candidates for the popular Express Entry pool with CRS of 472.
3,600 candidates were invited to apply for permanent residency.
The score is a little bit lower than the previous one, but the number of invitations keeps steady.
If you are one of the candidates invited, buckle up, the journey is just starting!

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Parlez-vous français? Oui!!!
The province of Quebec is making a bold move towards a high number of immigrants through economic programs. So, be aware of immigration programs in Quebec. The province holds different requirements when comes to immigration. Usually, the possibilities are better fitted to local needs and one of those is particularly interesting for French speakers.
It is the QEP (Quebec experience program). Under this program, if you have completed the eligible diplomas in the province of Quebec and meet the conditions as the intention to settle in Quebec and demonstrate an advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French you could be eligible for immigration under the provincial program. Easy as that. If you want to have a European taste in the heart of Canada, think about Quebec.

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Last week the province of PEI 158 candidates to the nomination.

The province of PEI has invited candidates from its Express Entry, labour impact and business impact stream.
The province is growing at high rates due to its immigration policies in place. PEI has understood that face labour shortage and provide the economy options to grow and develop will benefit the entire community. Immigration plays a key role to achieve these goals.
Check the options that PEI provide, maybe it is the right province for you in Canada.

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New Draw for EE trades candidates.

The Government of Canada has invited candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Class with CRS of 357.
This specific program prioritizes the working skills and experience, instead of education and language, among other criteria.
The Federal Skilled Trades Class is one of three Federal High Skilled immigration programs managed by the Express Entry system.

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On fire!!!
Manitoba and Alberta combined have invited this week 567 skilled workers candidates to immigration.

The province of Manitoba invited 194 immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence on October 10. And the province of Alberta invited 374 candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System scores as low as 400 to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

If you aim to immigrate to Canada, follow the ancient Roman advice, divide and conquer. Go for the province's nomination programs and conquer your immigration.

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New draw in Saskatchewan PNP in-demand occupation.

559 candidates were invited to apply under the Express Entry and In-Demand Occupation streams.

Recently the province of Saskatchewan increased the list of occupation in-demand embracing way more possibilities for candidates compared to other provinces in Canada.
Despite the mandatory, at least one-year work experience related to the field of study, a job offer and Canadian experience are not required, as well if the candidate has one or both will be given priority.
In this way, the province is making itself more attractive to foreigner candidates than other ones in the country.
Chances are higher in Saskatchewan!!

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Canada is heading to the 43rd federal election on October 21.
Regardless of the outcome, we don't expect a big change in immigration policy.
A recent survey released by Angus Reid Institute showed that 39 percent of Canadians agreed with the actual level of immigration and 13 percent belives it should be higher.
These data show that the majority of Canadians do agree with the immigration targets and understand how important it is for the country's future.

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New community options for the entrepreneur immigration pilot program in interior BC.

Recently 8 new communities were added to the entrepreneur immigration regional pilot program. Now the total community participants in the program are 66.
The newly added communities are:
Akisqnuk First Nation
Canal Flats
Radium Hot Springs
Regional District Of East Kootenay (are F, area G)
Shuswap Indian Band

The pilot immigration program aims to economically develop communities with less than 75,000 people and the minimum amount of investment required from applicants is 100,000.00 CDN, with a minimum verifiable net worth of 300,000.00 CDN.

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10 provinces, 3 territories, 1 country and many different options to immigrate to Canada.
Why put all your eggs just in one basket?

One of the immigration goals in Canada is to support economic growth. Different provinces have different needs when comes to labour market shortage and economic development.
From high skilled tech needs to truck drivers and carpenters, Canada needs all and in all regions. It works the same for entrepreneurs pathways, from farmers to aerospace industry, there is always a demand in Canada.

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