The Reasons Why Korean Like Moving to US

Article by: Shirley Sio

My name is Park.  I’m a typical Korean man with a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter. Just like everyone else, I majored in a field that had no relation to my career and had a dreadful 8 to 8 job from Monday to Saturday to make a living. What made it worse, even on Sundays, I couldn’t spend any time with my family because Korean society is too competitive so that you can never rest.

One other growing concern in Korea is fine dust pollution. Over time, it’s known to be critically toxic to the human body and even worse, it could potentially cause cancer. Many Koreans live in fear, checking the level of fine particles in the air daily. In Seoul, there are so many people everywhere wearing anti-pollution masks. It is sad to see that you can’t even breathe comfortably and it doesn’t feel safe.

These are some of the reasons that motivated me to start looking for a way to move to the US.  My wife and I want to raise our daughter in an environment where we feel safe and clean; where she can develop and grow without worrying about the fierce competition. Many factors were taken into consideration such as; the education system, social welfare, job opportunities as well as the natural environment and unsurprisingly, the United States was our No. 1 choice.

After deciding on our desired destination, we sought the quickest way to move to the US. There were several options available, but with relatively low investment requirements, quick processing time and flexibility, which would be given on our legal status, the E2 visa was the most suitable program for our family. Furthermore, being able to send our daughter to a public school for free was another great advantage.

The application process was smooth and quick. It took approximately 3 months from the beginning until the end. Our family moved to the US last February and is happily settled in Los Angeles, sunny California. We have traveled to beautiful Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Diego (the best place to retire) and San Francisco, the cultural, commercial, and financial center of California, etc..

Aside from the joys of all the travel, what makes my wife and I really happy is to see our daughter happy here in the US. She has made many friends, is excelling in all subjects at school and most importantly, she doesn’t cough because of the terrible air pollution in Seoul, Korea anymore. Looking at her happy and healthy, it was worth all the hassles we went through.

We know many families in Korea considering moving to the US for similar reasons to ours. Life in the US won’t always be sunny and magical.  However, there are many wonderful things that will compensate for the difficult times and we are 120% ready to take the journey. We believe you are as well and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



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