My Old Life in Mexico and My New Life in the U.S.

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I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. In that city, if you walk down the street, even in the day, you will feel like someone is going to attack and rob you. Wearing designer tags and expensive watches are absolutely not a good idea to wear on the street unless you want to get mugged by a guy on a motorcycle wearing a suit and a tie. I never felt safe walking on the street alone. Most neighborhoods will have people standing on the street, who we call “stand-by’s”. They are not street guards nor police, but rather men and women who are paid to sell cheap things and parked cars. Residents like to give them some small amount of money for protection so they don’t get attacked. Even though peoples’ houses are always designed with bars and strong security systems, they can’t feel safe in their own homes.

Ever since my two daughters started getting older, my wife and I felt increasingly unsecure. Like most parents, we want our children to have a safe environment and a better education for their future. My wife and I started to plan to move to another country for a better lifestyle, but immigration was never an easy option for us because we lacked language skill, education, and net worth prerequisites – until we found a program called E2 . That program helped me and my family move to the U.S and live like the American locals.  With my acceptance into the E2 program, I can bring along my wife and my two beautiful daughters to start a life where we will feel safer and more secure.

Now, we are living in California, which has the world-class weather; it’s never too cold or hot. There is no snow unless you want to head to Lake Tahoe. There is an incredible diversity of food and restaurants, groceries, and family-run markets because of all the immigrants that come from around the world. My three ladies love outdoor activities like hiking and watersports. The crime rate way lower compared to my hometown of Tijuana. For me, I can say that it’s absolutely worth the time and effort to start a new life when you want to achieve a better life for yourself and your family.




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